Apex Contractors, LLC

We are a full service, stucco and stone remediation, stone veneer, repair, and replacement company committed to providing our customers throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware with real estate broker and buyer support, inspective services, and the best and most innovative solutions, quality materials and outstanding workmanship for over fifteen years.

We have a special focus on Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County in Pennsylvania and Mercer County and Hunterdon County in New Jersey.

Services include:

  • Stucco, Stucco Remediation and Rehabilitation
  • Stucco and Stone Veneer Repairs
  • Stucco replacement from water penetration damage
  • Stucco and Stone Masonry Removal
  • Stucco, EFIS and Stone Remediation Services
  • Stucco, EFIS Removal and Hardie Plank Installation
  • Brick Replacements and Re-Pointing
  • Siding Repairs and Replacement
  • Exterior Trim Restoration
  • Chimney Chase Cap Replacement
  • Vinyl Siding Installation
  • Re-Caulking
  • Curtain Wall Waterproofing
  • Fa├žade Moisture Remediation and Repairs
  • Patio and Concrete Flatwork Repairs

Apex Stucco Repair and Remediation

We provide stucco, stone veneer, masonry and fiber cement siding removal, remediation, repairs, replacement, installation, and rehabilitation as well as treatment for stucco damaged from water penetration. We are also experts in sealants, permeable coatings, rot repairs, flashing installation, mortar joint repairs and replacements, window caulking and we offer R/E Broker support with invasive probing results and alternatives for stucco and adhered stone facades.
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Why Choose Us

Originally incorporated as a stone and stucco remediation company serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Today, we employ a wide range of skilled craftsman that can handle most exterior stucco projects, including window replacements, siding, small roofing repairs and all levels of exterior trim installation and restoration. This skill set from one centralized contractor also allows you to consider cost-saving design alternatives, project materials and investment options.