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Apex Contractors provides stucco, stone veneer, masonry and fiber cement siding removal, remediation, repairs, replacement, installation, and rehabilitation as well as treatment for stucco water intrusion, problems and failures in PA, NJ.

Stucco Water Intrusion

Q: What is the best methodology to test my walls for stucco water intrusion?
A: Most importantly, it is critical that you contract with only a professionally trained and certified company to perform these tests on your walls. Apex does not do moisture intrusion analysis since we feel it is critical that you have an independent […]

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Stucco Failures

Warning Signs for Stucco Failures
Leading Causes of Wall Failures & Resolution
• Brown or black streaks or stains under the corners of your windows.
• Brown or black streaks or stains at the intersection of rooks and walls.
• Staining and mold on chimney shoulders.

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