Stucco Replacement

Leading Reasons for Stucco Replacement
• Exterior opening (e.g. windows) with inadequate flashing details
• Missing kick out or diverter flashings
• Poor roofing/wall/chimney design (dead valleys)
• Improper deck ledger or patio attachments
• Exterior walls with inadequate, defective or omitted weather resistive barriers
• Overall building science – Interior vapor trying to get out providing moisture to the back of wall sheathing
• Wood sheathing […]

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Stucco Water Intrusion

Leading Causes of Stucco Problems
Warning signs for Stucco Repair and Stucco Water Intrusion
• Brown or black streaks or stains under the corners of your windows
• Brown or black streaks or stains at the intersection of roofs and walls.
• Staining and mold on chimney shoulders
• No evidence of expansion joints in field of stucco
• Bulging, cracking or loose stucco […]

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