About APEX

For over 15 years, we have been servicing the needs of individual homeowners, professional property management companies as well as commercial buildings throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We are true exterior specialists.

As an experienced General Contractor, our team at Apex Contractors understands what it takes to address home repair challenges the correct way. We will repair existing damage using only quality materials that minimize maintenance and prevent reoccurring issues.

In the event it is determined that the entire exterior finish does not require remediation and replacement and a partial restoration would be sufficient we will always take this into consideration and weigh all option to insure that the uniformity and color of the final product matches what is existing on the balance of the structure.

When you choose Apex Contractors, you can expect a level of customer service that clearly exceeds your expectations. We believe that honesty and doing the right thing is our platform for success in establishing long term relationships with our clients even after the job is complete.

  • Carfaro Railings
  • Senergy
  • Dryvit
  • Eldorado Stone
  • Stonecraft
  • James Hardie
  • Master Wall Inc
  • Keene
  • Fortifiber Building Systems Group
  • Kanseal Construction Products
  • Parex USA
  • Versatex Trimboards
  • The Standard Group

We are unique in our approach to the remediation and restoration industry.

What makes us special is our total control process, managing your project from start to finish. The benefits of a totally controlled and managed project consistently delivers cost-effective projects finished on time and on budget.

The timetable for each project will be determine after all preliminary testing and investigations are completed. Based on these reports and findings we can accurately project the length of time we will be on each project and that duration will be included in your proposal. One caution would be the weather and if once the outer surface of the house is removed and we find other structural issues that required additional attention. For the most part we know what to expect and plan accordingly with resources and material to deliver the restored product when anticipated.

Ninety-nine percent of the problems we find when doing remediation or restoration work is due to faulty installation procedures, as well as indifferent and even negligent construction practices and oversight when the structure was originally built. We explain to our customers that all contractors for the most part use the same stucco, stone or brick etc. It’s not about the materials used, but rather the company’s habits and quality control practiced in the field.

When you receive your proposal from Apex we will advise you if we feel that you have any recourse back to your original builder. We find that if the house is less than 10 years old and your builder is still a viable entity many times we are seeing monetary participation on the builders part for a partial or total reimbursement for the cost of our process. Having done remediation in many communities constructed by all different builders we have gain measurable experience in this regard and can give you the proper guidance.

Once you receive our proposal and decide to work along with Apex on your remediation project our payment terms are designed for you to pay in progress payment fashion. We require an upfront deposit and then the final balance is divided up in stages as the work is completed and accepted. Based on the size and cost

Stucco Water Intrusion

Q: What is the best methodology to test my walls for stucco water intrusion?
A: Most importantly, it is critical that you contract with only a professionally trained and certified company to perform these tests on […]

Stucco Failures

Warning Signs for Stucco Failures
Leading Causes of Wall Failures & Resolution
• Brown or black streaks or stains under the corners of your windows.
• Brown or black streaks or stains at the intersection of rooks and […]

Stucco Replacement

Leading Reasons for Stucco Replacement
• Exterior opening (e.g. windows) with inadequate flashing details
• Missing kick out or diverter flashings
• Poor roofing/wall/chimney design (dead valleys)
• Improper deck ledger or patio attachments
• Exterior walls with inadequate, defective or omitted weather […]

Versatex Trim

Versatex trim makes it easy to design a focal point to any area of the house.

Hardie Plank Traditional Design

A traditional design utilizing Hardie Plank, brick and Versatex trim allowing maintenance free living for years.

Apex Stucco Repair and Remediation

We provide stucco, stone veneer, masonry and fiber cement siding removal, remediation, repairs, replacement, installation, and rehabilitation as well as treatment for stucco damaged from water penetration. We are also experts in sealants, permeable coatings, rot repairs, flashing installation, mortar joint repairs and replacements, window caulking and we offer R/E Broker support with invasive probing results and alternatives for stucco and adhered stone facades.
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