Q: What is the best methodology to test my walls for stucco waterstucco problems intrusion?
A: Most importantly, it is critical that you contract with only a professionally trained and certified company to perform these tests on your walls. Apex does not do moisture intrusion analysis since we feel it is critical that you have an independent third party report. We have a group of these professionals that we will recommend. They are the “best of the rest”, and very fair and comprehensive. There are many different methods and tools that can be used to identify potential trouble spots. Regardless of how suspect areas are identified, you cannot know exactly how much moisture is trapped without penetrating the stucco and directly measuring the moisture content of the building materials inside. An intrusive probe is required for the determination of specific moisture content. The level of moisture content of the homes substrate including recent weather conditions, will lead us to a determination of how we need to address the issue in each affected area.