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Whether youre needing to install a pocket door, a pre-hung door, French doors, or anything else Apex Contractors can help with all your door installation needs. Contact us Today!

Commonly Installed Doors

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Types of Door Material

Solid core timber doors

Solid core wooden doors are heavily constructed doors made from whole bits of timber. These doors are most commonly used as front entrance doors or where soundproofing, insulation or security are important.

Steel Doors

No material on the market is tougher than steel. Steel offers outstanding security, and is commonly used in the construction of screen doors and grilles.

Leadlight Doors and Stained Glass Doors

Lead lighting and stained glass aren't cheap, but they can add a tremendous amount to a home in terms of character visual appeal.

Fibreglass Doors

Fibreglass doors are a relatively new addition to the market, offering excellent strength, waterproofing, soundproofing and insulation.

Glass Doors

Glass doors look fantastic, although their performance in terms of things like insulation and strength depends very much on the way they're constructed.

Always Hire a Professional

Apex Contractors ImagesGreat functioning doors require proper installation to ensure that they last as long as possible. Properly installed doors increase your home's value and all around safety while giving you superior insulation to protect your home from the all the elements.

When you choose Apex Contractors, your doors will be installed by our team of highly skilled in-house experts. We offer free consultations to assist you in determining the best options, this will ensure that your new doors will provide maximum value.

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