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With Apex, nothing is installed until everything is watertight.

Apex Contractors ImagesOne of Apex Contractors specialties is stucco remediation. Stucco remediation is at our core and the reason Apex Contractors was founded. We are expert at carefully dismantling the stucco and related components. Apex runs its own dumpsters, so were not at the mercy of a dumpster company. Were ready for the damage behind your stucco. Our carpenters know how to carefully repair wall framing and related components. Our Director of Field Operations is a certified stucco inspector (Exterior Design Institute, Moisture Warranty Corporation). In addition to the 2 layers of Grade D building paper, all of our new stucco installations include a drainage mat as part of the weather resistive barrier system. We use the correct accessories like: weep screed, casing bead, EZ bead and control joints. If you would like to stay with stucco, Apex installs both traditional hard coat stucco and synthetic stucco.

Its important to hire a remediation contractor that is versed in masonry, windows and roofing. The entire exterior of your home needs to work as one complete system. For stucco houses, one major failure point is the joints between dissimilar surfaces, like where the stucco meets the soffit and roof. Our training and knowledge of the complete building envelope allows us to make sure these parts of the wall are properly integrated into all other building components.

The main reason behind most stucco leaks is that the faade wasnt watertight before the stucco was installed. With Apex, nothing is installed until everything is watertight. This goes for all wall finishes we offer.

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